Apply For Restaurant Jobs In Canada: For Africans

Apply For Restaurant Jobs In Canada: For Africans

Apply For Restaurant Jobs In Canada: For Africans

Apply For Restaurant Jobs In Canada: There are a lot of places to get jobs in Canada and they are constantly looking for employees.

A lot of restaurants in Canada are looking for people that can work for them daily. The economy is fast growing and a lot of companies, outlets etc are looking for people to work with them and for them.

Whether you are a resident or not a resident, the jobs we would show you in this article will help you out well.

Working in a restaurant will help you gain experience in so many things but most importantly you will be able to learn or have a good experience with customer service.

So, if you are looking for a job in a country like Canada and yet you are not a permanent resident or you do not have a green card, you can still get a restaurant job that will sponsor your visa down to Canada.

Before applying for any of the jobs listed here, be sure to read the requirements carefully to know if you are qualified.

Read on:

Available Restaurant Job in Canada:

Bear it in mind that some of the companies will sponsor your Visa and if you are not a permanent resident of Canada, you will have to request a work permit.

1. Subway Restaurants:

This is one of the best and biggest restaurants you will get in Canada. When you get employed in this restaurant, you aren’t likely to have any difficulties because of how friendly everyone is. It also comes a with high pay and good supervisors.

If you don’t live in Canada and you get the opportunity to be discovered by the company, they will work out your Visa application and make it faster for you. You would earn at least $16 per hour of your work.

2. Canada Immigration Service:

The Canada Immigration Service are in need of a cook. Whoever is willing to apply for this job, just know that you will be given two years working permit and every other thing will be handled for you.

The Immigration Service food supervisor will be charged with the responsibility of making sure food and other things related are served on time. You will be earning from $16 – $18 every hour and this can even increase depending on how good you are at your work.

To apply for this opportunity, you can contact the providers using this number +1-647-726-6699

3. Tim Hortons Restaurant:

This is another big restaurant where you can get good meals. Very classy and nice.

This company over the years have built their fan base to be so large and they have loyal customers. They also pay higher than other Restaurants we have mentioned here. You can earn from $16 – $20. They also take care of your Visa if you are not a resident of Canada. Also, all international students who wish to work with them can apply and get the opportunity to be employed.

4. Hongde Poncha Korean:

If you think you can work in a Korean restaurant, Well, this is an opportunity for you to start applying. Get started.

For you to work with this restaurant, you must have completed your community College program in food service administration. You also need to have at least two to three years of working experience.

You don’t have to worry about accommodation as they will make that available for you if you start working for them. They pay you $18 per hour of your work.

Also, the company is looking to employ people who can work full-time and not part-time. To apply, send your CV to this email; [email protected]

5. Boston Pizza:

This company needs people who can occupy the position of Bartenders, Cooks, dishwashers, Kitchen managers and servers. So if you fit into any of these categories, apply within.

The company will also take care of your Visa application and also give you accommodation for some time until they believe you have had enough money to get your apartment.

The average salary you will be paid in this job is from $15 – $20 per hour and if you want to apply for the job, kindly head over to their website by clicking on APPLY NOW

General Requirements for Restaurant Jobs In Canada

– A community college degree is a plus
– Know how to cook
– Be friendly
– Have no criminal record
– Must be punctual
– Must be ready to work anytime, any day.


1. Can I get a sponsored to work in Canada?
Yes, you can. Some employment providers can and will sponsor your trip down to Canada.

2. Do restaurants sponsor visas?
Yes, the restaurants we have mentioned here sponsor the visas of all their employees that are not Canadian residents.

How much does Restaurants Jobs Pay?
The average salary of a restaurant worker is $34,000 annually and some restaurants pay higher. It all depends. Every restaurant is different.

Working abroad is very good and if you working in a country like Canada, you have to look at all of the remote jobs we have talked about here and choose the one you want, go for it and start making a living for yourself.

Good luck!

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